Advancing a Connected Power System in Angola

A blue taxi, a man walking and crisscrossing power lines in Luanda.
Investment in energy infrastructure is key to economic development in the bustling city of Luanda, Angola’s capital, and beyond. Photo Credit: Power Africa

Angola’s Central–South Transmission Line Project

Up to now, the Angolan Central and Southern power systems have been disconnected, a situation that leaves stranded generation capacity in the north underutilized and necessitates expensive localized generation in the center and south of the country. The construction of a transmission line from Huambo to Lubango, including a new substation and the expansion of another, will create an integrated national power grid — Northern, Central, and Southern — and bring low-cost hydropower from the northern Kwanza River basin to southern provinces. The transmission line will have the capacity to deliver around 1,000 megawatts of electricity to improve overall access, reduce the use of diesel generators, and strengthen the financial viability of Angola’s power sector. It is also a precursor to connecting Angola to regional electricity markets once the transmission line is completed in 2024.

Indicative contractors involved in implementing Angola’s Central–South transmission project
Indicative contractors involved in implementing Angola’s Central–South transmission project.

Making Progress

Power Africa’s assistance to RNT resulted in several important outcomes. From the initial setup and operationalization of the PIU, Power Africa focused on skills transfer to enable the RNT PIU to continue with delivery once Power Africa’s assistance comes to an end. In consultation with the different PIU sections, Power Africa identified skills gaps and presented topic-specific training as part of weekly technical working sessions. With Power Africa support, RNT is recruiting additional individual specialists — engineering, environmental, social safeguards, gender, senior engineering, procurement, and financial management — to assist with delivery.

  1. General design review and procurement support and award of contracts.
  2. Owner’s engineering services for the construction phase and subsequent warranty period.
Pylons, transmission lines, substation
Power Africa supports RNT to manage the construction of a 343-kilometer 400 kV transmission line to link Angola’s Central and Southern grids. Photo Credit: Power Africa

What’s Next?

In 2022, Power Africa and RNT will push to finalize key procurement milestones, such as procuring consultants for the Resettlement Action Plan as well as for project monitoring and supervision consultants.

A carpenter busy grinding in Luanda.
Electricity access is crucial for Avelino Martins’ carpentry business in Luanda. The collective efforts of the AfDB, Power Africa, and the Government of Angola will ultimately improve electricity access for people, industries, and businesses across Angola. Photo Credit: Power Africa



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