Building Malawi’s First Utility-Scale Solar-Plus-Storage Power Project

Installation of Golomoti Solar Plant’s battery energy storage system
The 20 MW Golomoti Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage Project will pioneer utility-scale battery energy storage. Photo Credit: JCM Power
An aerial view of the Golomoti Solar Plant
The project site is located in Dedza, about 100 kilometers southeast of Lilongwe. Photo Credit: JCM Power

For a country with one of the lowest electricity access rates in the region and one that aspires to be an industrialized economy, the current generation capacity shortfall is a major constraint. Malawi’s ability to procure renewable energy can reliably and cost-effectively meet electricity demand, stimulate economic growth, and drastically reduce carbon emissions to mitigate climate change.

Lighting up Malawi Through Partnership and Investment

Construction Progress — September 2021

“The integration provided by Power Africa included new BESS sizing, usage, and costing features to evaluate the optimal solution from a financial and technical perspective. Without the additional features, it would not be possible to identify a suitable solution for integrating a BESS into the project,” Patrick Godfrey, JCM Power Project Developer.

Battery Storage: Smart Systems to Stabilize Supply

The 5 MW BESS will enable the plant to provide reliable power and promote network stability without relying on hydropower or diesel generation. Photo Credit: JCM Power
BESS Arriving — November 2021
A 3D model of the Golomoti Solar Plant



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