Megawatts and connections improving lives — Chekin Abate’s story

Chekin Abate is farmer in Menz Gera, Ethiopia. Photo Credit: Power Africa/Integra
They now have a much larger flock because they can allow them to graze at night, detect wild animals, and afford to pay for their shots three times a year. Photo Credit: Power Africa/Integra
With energy access, Chekin’s wife can now make a gabi in three days instead of eight and he makes hats and crafts to sell. Photo Credit: Power Africa/Integra

“After the connection, we are able to do other jobs and the way we are raising our flock [of sheep] is different because we have light to see them at night. Before when we did not have light, we used to put them in the shed by 5:00 PM… Now, because there is light, we let them graze in the field until at least 10:00 PM. So, we are able to do our business during the day and herd the sheep at night. That means more profit… That is why the connection was beneficial for us.”

Moving forward, we would like to raise and sell cattle to increase our profits and buy more land. Now that we have more sheep as a result of the power, we sell the sheep for cattle feed in hopes of reaching this goal.

Chekin hopes to buy more land with his profits. Photo Credit: Power Africa/Integra



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