New Online Tool: Sustainable Energy Marketplace by IRENA is Live

Last year, Power Africa and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support IRENA’s online portal called the Sustainable Energy Marketplace. Power Africa and IRENA aim to accelerate the scaling-up of public and private investments through a pipeline of renewable energy projects in developing countries through this new portal.

The Marketplace promotes project initiation, development, aggregation, matchmaking, de-risking and financing through a simple virtual platform. The platform helps project developers identify relevant funding and expertise depending on the stage and specific needs of their projects and makes financing opportunities visible and easily identifiable for investors.

Financiers and investors benefit from the upfront screening of projects before they are accepted to the Marketplace and subsequently have access to high quality and standardized project information. In addition, the Marketplace includes comprehensive country profiles providing the users with relevant information on renewable energy resource availability, policies and regulations, existing grid and other infrastructure, geographic and demographic data, protected areas, and other critical aspects affecting the site identification and selection. The Marketplace and the hands-on facilitation by IRENA reduce the time investors spend in the origination and evaluation of projects. Financial actors are able to screen, by using efficient search functions, projects compatible with their investment criteria.

Power Africa and IRENA invite you to join the Marketplace by registering directly on the website. By registering, information you submit will become visible to other users, making it easy for them to identify you and your offering, and at the same time enabling you to see and screen information on other registered users.

For general information on the Marketplace, please contact Katrina Pielli at, Aleksi Lumijarvi, Programme Officer, Renewable Energy Finance,, or Alberto Bernardini, Junior Professional Associate, Renewable Energy Finance,

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