Powering Small Businesses: Productive Use of Energy is a Win-Win for Ugandan Entrepreneurs and Utilities

Joel Rusubika in front of a electrified coffee hulling machine
Joel Rusubika in front of the electrified coffee hulling machine that has benefited his business and community, thanks to Power Africa-supported training by a local electricity utility
An African female hairdresser blow drying a client’s hair
Jones Biira, PUE training participant, serves a larger client base in her salon with newly purchased powered equipment

Promoting Productive Uses of Energy through Local Utilities

Power Africa is tapping into local utility companies as a sustainable vehicle to promote PUE among Ugandan entrepreneurs, with advantages for both the utilities and their customers. By engaging local entrepreneurs on the ways that PUE can support their businesses, utilities increase their energy sales and gain new customers who benefit from boosted production and profits.

Anatoli Masereka processing fresh juice with his blender
After the PUE trainings, shopkeeper Anatoli Masereka bought a blender to process fresh juices quickly and easily for customers. Mr. Masereka’s plans for growth include the purchase of additional powered equipment

Boosting Demand for Life-changing Electricity

Similar to other East African nations, Uganda currently produces more electricity than it consumes. Domestic demand is just more than half of Uganda’s 1,300 MW of installed electricity generation capacity. Power utilities have the capacity to serve more high-consumption customers, but demand is low. Many entrepreneurs are apprehensive about investing in powered equipment due to perceptions about electricity costs and connection fees, the lack of access to efficient PUE equipment, and a shortage of business advisory support to fully tap into their potential. PUE and related trainings are a meaningful way to increase demand for electricity while strengthening economic growth.



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Power Africa

Power Africa

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