Supporting the Expansion Of Solar Power in West Africa

Solar plant in Ghana
As a renewable energy source, solar power is key to powering West Africa’s clean energy future.

Helping Countries Build the Right Infrastructure

Each country faces challenges to adopting solar energy. In Burkina Faso, only one in five people have access to electricity, with huge disparities between rural and urban communities. The country’s reliance on expensive, imported fuel makes its power system costly to run and harmful to the environment. To support the transition to cleaner energy and promote the use of solar power, Power Africa provided technical assistance to the national power utility, SONABEL, to help build the capacity of the utility to evaluate solar projects proposed and to negotiate power purchase agreements.

Uniting the Sahel Region to Mobilize the Power of the Sun

Power Africa supports major cross-country initiatives to expand solar energy across West Africa. Power Africa’s involvement in the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) Desert to Power (DtP) G-5 Sahel Financing Facility program is one example of its regional approach. The $966 million DtP initiative aims to create the largest solar production zone in the world and could expand electricity access to 250 million people across the entire Sahel region.



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Power Africa

Power Africa


A U.S. Government-led partnership that seeks to add 30,000 MW and 60 million electricity connections in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030 >