Training the Next Generation of Women to Lead Nigeria’s Energy Sector

Aspire Course graduates
To date, the Aspire Course has trained more than 500 women from 60 organizations. Photo Credit: Power Africa/Tochukwu Mbachu

Educate a Woman and You Educate a Nation

In October 2020, Tosin Timitimi, an energy lawyer and legal contract officer at the Lagos State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, attended the first-of-its-kind Power Africa “Aspire: Women’s Leadership Development Course.”

Screenshot of participants of the Aspire Course
Aspire is equipping women with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive and advance in their energy-sector careers.

Paying an Experience Forward

After graduating from the course, Tosin wanted to pay her experience forward.

Tosin Timitimi
Tosin Timitimi

Making an Impact

The Power Africa Aspire course is preparing women to lead successful careers in the energy industry and ultimately advance the development of the power sector in Nigeria. The impact of the course is being felt far beyond the Power Africa classroom, with many of the course alumni gaining more responsibility at work, negotiating higher pay, and mentoring their colleagues.



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