“WIRED” for Success: Advancing Women in Rwanda’s Energy Sector


The Power Africa-supported Women in Rwandan Energy (WIRE) initiative is working with the Rwandan Government and the private sector to bring 1,400 women into the fast-growing Rwandan energy sector. To support that goal, WIRE started an apprenticeship program in 2020 and is collaborating with Rwandan energy companies to provide on-the-job training to 115 female graduates from universities and technical colleges through a three-month apprentice program.

Intern Spotlight: Diane Dusabe

Diane Dusabe
Diane Dusabe received an apprenticeship opportunity at East African Power, Ltd. (EAP)

Intern Spotlight: Adeline Icyimpaye

Adeline Icyimpaye
Adeline Icyimpaye is currently an apprentice in energy engineering at Rwanda’s MunyaxEco, Ltd

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For more information on the internship programs, Power Africa’s Women in African Power network, and our commitment to gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, please contact Denise Mortimer.



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